Faster Liferay


Having one of my entries on the Liferay forum answered by the ever helpful Ray Augé, I followed the suggestions of this thread upon doing so our installation of Liferay sped up, in some cases by a 1000%, The main issue that we where having was when using your browser of choice, it seemed to be holding onto all of you systems memory, the more you used the system the more memory that Liferay kept to itself – Never seeming to release it.

We’ve also since found out that apparently “Liferay out of the box is tuned for developer comfort, so caches are turned off, javascript and css packing are disabled, and the product ships with Hypersonic DB, which is not intended for production.”

We using MySQL for our back end database and using Liferay build 4.3 bundled with Tomcat 5, we’re currently testing our extra portlets with Liferay version 5.01, if all goes well we will be over to that.


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