Forum issues


Liferay’s forums don’t current work around inheritating their permissions…

This presented us with a major problem. We have a forum in the ‘Work Based Learning’ community, which all users of the Support Point have access to. This forum is split up into sub categories, each of these sub categories only allow access to certain types of users.

All in all, so far, so  good – except for the tiny problem of a ‘HUGE’ back-door in the Liferay message board utility.

There is a tab which is available to all users, called ‘Recent Posts’ which I hear you say “that sounds useful” , Yes, it would be, if it kept the permissions which are given to the top categories within the forum..

It doesn’t, therefore you could get access to any and every entry in the forum, no matter who wrote it, and what type of account you were using. This tab has now been deleted. The tab also nicely keeped copies of each post, even if they where deleted – “That’s bit daft” Correct – Goodbye ‘Recent Post’ Hopefully they will fix it in a later release.


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